The first European Conference on infections in leukaemia: Why and how?
C. Cordonnier, T Calandra.
Eur J Cancer 2007; Suppl. 5, 2-4.

Quinolone prophylaxis for bacterial infections in afebrile high risk neutropenic patients
G Bucaneve, E Castagnola, C Viscoli, L Leibovici, F Menichetti
Eur J Cancer 2007; Suppl. 5, 5-12.

The need for aminoglycosides in combination with betalactams for high-risk, febrile neutropaenic patients with leukaemia
L Drgona, M Paul, G Bucaneve, T Calandra, F Menichetti
Eur J Cancer 2007; Suppl. 5. 13-22

Empirical use of anti-Gram-positive antibiotics in febrile
neutropaenic cancer patients with acute leukaemia 5
Alain Cometta*, O. Marchetti, T. Calandra
Eur J Cancer 2007; Suppl. 5. 23-31

Primary antifungal prophylaxis in leukaemia patients.
J Maertens, P Frere, C Lass-Flörl, W Heinz, OA Cornely.
Eur J Cancer 2007;Suppl.5:43-8.

Empirical antifungal therapy in neutropenic cancer patients with persistent fever. Guidelines of the ECIL1 conference.
O Marchetti, C Cordonnier, T Calandra.
Eur J Cancer 2007; Suppl. 5. 32-42.

European guidelines for the treatment of invasive candida and invasive aspergillus infections in adult haematological patients.
R Herbrecht, U Fluckiger, B Gachot, P Ribaud, A Thiebaut, C Cordonnier.
Eur J Cancer 2007; Suppl. 5., 49-59.

The Organizers sincerely thank the following companies for their support of the European Conference on Infections in Leukaemia.
Our partners have had no input into the development of any of meetings or materials.

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